June 2019 | MTP Research presentation, ArtEZ

We are collaborating for an ongoing artistic research on the topic of intimacy. This June we will perform ” I can tell by the way she is holding her body” a piece that delves on the nuances of touch and the range of emotions. More info will come about dates and audiences.

Summer 2019 | Crowdfunding for the movement tour

We want to change the world through dance. Do you want to help us? YOU CAN!
We are starting a crowdfunding project to raise money for our movement tour. Stay updated through our facebook page!

12-14 July 2019  |  Festival Hongerige Wolf

Festival Hongerige Wolf is a creative festival for dance, music and art in the far north of The Netherlands. The perfect place for our experimental performance ‘How can I get close to you?’ The piece consists of 4 different performances where the audience chooses what they want to see. A social movement experiment about connecting with each other and the audience.

20-24 February 2019  |  The Young Conference, London´╗┐

Shed Project is happy to announce our participation in The Young Conference 2019 at University of Roehampton, UK. We will be sharing our collective space of research with 50+ people in a performative workshop. We believe it is time to manufacture better paths for collective action, ways that listen and nourish difference during moments of crisis.